Blog #18. Eagle Brewery Banana Bread Beer. Third time's a charm!

Welcome back beer fans, for the third installment of my beer blog.

Before we start, I must make sure we all drink responsibly. To me, being responsible is not spilling your beer, because spilling your beer is an adults version of losing your balloon (bad times).

Friday’s finally here, time to cheer and to start the weekend off with a bang I’ve got Banana Bread Beer - 6.4% alc volume by Eagle Brewery (formerly Wells Brewery) to review.

The brewer claims that: 'this is an inspired brew made with their own natural mineral water and fair trade bananas. Tempting banoffee aromas and flavours are balanced by the silky richness of a masterful malt blend and the peppery spice of the freshest ripest hops.'*link

Once opened, it gives off a sweet banana smell, one that takes me down memory lane to those trips to the sweet shop with my pocket money, and buying those foam bananas sweets (last week! I’m a big kid at heart).

Once poured, it is a nice amber colour, like a lot of beer fans, I’m well endowed in the nose department and when I usually take my first sip I I have a good dunk and have a nose full of foam head (a Belgium dip - it’s all the rage in Brussels).

When drinking it, you still get those same flavours, but subtle enough that it’s doesn't take away the silky richness of the malty hops.

Do I like this beer.

No... I love it and I would definitely recommend it, I only had one to try, but my advice is to get a few - I’m going to be getting some more on my beer run a bit later.

Banana bread beer gets a 8/10. Easy to drink and not overpowering; this is a beer will please a lot of beer fans.

So if you have got this far and have completed this trilogy of beer blogs, I just want to say thanks for taking time out of your day to read it... you're probably the only one😃



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