Blog#25. Dead Man's Fingers - Hemp Rum

Updated: May 24, 2020

I popped this bad boy open last night after a couple of beers.

I bought this bottle within a lockdown online deal with Dead Mans Fingers; which I HIGHLY rate as a self confessed rum lover.

If I'm being truthful I probably wouldn't have bought this particular bottle had it not been within the deal, I feel it somewhat is a bit gimmicky with CBD oil infused everything these days. You name it, CBD has been infused in it. However I thought I'd give it a go.

I tried it neat first over ice; blew my bonce off.

Smells earthy and has grass notes but for me it 100% needs a good mixer to bring out its potential.

I found a lot of other rum enthusiasts liked it over Coke or Ginger Beer but I was a rebel and tried it out sloshed over some apple juice and ice and it really spoke to me (and that's not the hemp talking)

It's strong and hits you in the face initially.. like I could already feel the hangover kicking in.A nice flavoured spiced rum with a unique taste of grassy hemp notes that might not be for everyone. 40% alc vol.

If you want to check out the deal 3 Bottles of DMF for £45 go to and use code DMF45 which saves you a whopping £21.

I'd probably give this a 6/10. There's a lot better rums out there


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