Blog #11. Drygate Brewing Co - Crossing the Rubicon - no turning back now!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Hello world of beer....

When I enjoy a beer, I like to set the mood with some music, good food and great company. My wife and I have recently become parents for the first time, so once the baby’s been put to bed and all the dust settles, I get a little time to myself to enjoy a beer and listen to Backstreet Boys.

My first review is crossing the Rubicon by Drygate Brewing Co. I picked it up from Morrisons for a princely £1.95.

It claims to be big and bold, with the flavours: citrus, caramel, pine and resin, with a final burst of bitterness. The flavours are not as bold as they claim, making it a drink you could easily drink a lot of and get quite drunk (6.9% alc volume) but the flavours leave your palate quickly.

I would definitely have this beer again, but the only negative point I have is that it’s not a memorable beer - it’s like that friend that doesn’t have an opinion. Nice, but bland and easily forgotten.

I’ll give it a 7/10, only because it’s an easy drinker, otherwise it would be lower.


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