Blog #35. Atlas Brewing Company Latitude (Pale). For the adventurers; the thrill seekers.

Honestly, it's fair to say ‘m neither of the above.

Welcome back beer fans, it’s another beautiful day In Lockdown.

My fourth review is Latitude (Pale) by Atlas Brewing Company (3.9% alc. volume).

Atlas claim this recipe is as adventurous as your next expedition.

This crisp, pale ale is packed with seven varieties of hops: Brewers‘ Gold, Tettenang, Millefruh, Mandarins, Bavaria, Saaz and Citra.

My last expedition was to the fridge for my last beer.

Suffering with a case of writers block, I decided to take the dog for a walk, dodging all the “city folk”, who have wombled down to the Sussex Coast for the foreseeable future.

Once back in Garden with a nice ice cold Latitude in my glass and the sun on my back, my thoughts wandered to the expedition this beer had made from the mountains of Northern Scotland, to the chalky cliffs of the Sussex Downs.

Latitude is a beautiful crisp pale ale and it is nice for a beer to taste as it is described, with nice Citra smelling aromas.

Would I drink it again? Of course! It’s easy to drink and could carry on all day.

All the good people at Atlas Brewing should take a bow: a top pale ale.

My only question: is it Atlas's best beer? Only time will tell.

Well, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys and awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian.


Good job atlas.



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