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Blog #44. UnBarred Joosy Pale Ale.

The four musketeers embarked on an adventure that involved three beers, two breweries and one heavy sesh. What we could agree on, was that none of us could agree on a favourite. Reviewed here: the UnBarred Joosy Pale Ale.


Straight off the bat - free beer is always going to rate highly in my books! (hint, hint).

When I went to collect these bottles from the new, slightly strange entrance at UnBarred I was met by an awesome member of staff who, with a big smile on her face, told me that with all orders today you get a free bottle of Joosy PA. What a way to win customers and let me tell you - it worked! Moments before I collected my 'winnings', another 'fellow' customer rocked up to buy one can of UnBarred beer (one can? ONE can?) and the lovely free beer giving lady offered this 'gentleman' a free bottle with his order of one can, to which he said - 'no thanks'. I'll just leave this here.

On to the beer: smell is super fruity, lots of exotic fruits rush to you, grapefruit and orange smells, with not a hint of flower - most PA's I've tried thus far have at least a flowery or piney scent to them.

When poured there was minimal head with a slight haze (don't be lazy - look at the photo above!)

Taste is fantastic - slightly subtler than the smell and I think that may be a good thing, otherwise it would simply be a fruit drink. Now we get a bit of sweetness kicking through the zing from the malts and a slight bitterness growing towards the end.

Session beer? Definitely!

Of the three we've tried this beer matches the weather most appropriately, and I know stouts are becoming more acceptable during the summer months, but for a BBQ, this is a winner out of the three UnBarred I've sampled. Maybe the 'freeness' helps as well.




A fresh juicy pale ale, hazy yellow in colour, it smells amazing, it's bursting full of tropical flavours and super easy to drink. I could see myself sat in the sun enjoying one after another of these, the label is telling no lies when it says super session-able. 

This beer screams summer, it's superbly refreshing, I can taste, rightly or wrongly, lemon, grapefruit and mango in there and the beer just glides down. I wish I had more than just the one in my inventory after splitting it with my fellow bloggers, this is my favourite of the 3  from UnBarred we were able to sample and it'll be first on the list for me when we return.

This is my kind of beer, fruity pale ales always score highly for me, and this one is definitely on the higher end of the scale. It smells super sweet but the aftertaste has a very subtle bitterness which is welcomed to take the edge off from that monsoon of sweet fruitiness! 

Nothing complicated, no hidden flavours you have to concentrate on, just bold and simple, perfect. 

Highly recommend this one to my fellow fruity pale ale lovers, this is the ideal beer to have in your hand while flipping meat on a BBQ or sitting in the sun with some summer anthems playing!



Perfect summer time drink. You could keep these coming all day please. Could my extreme fondness to drink be partly attributed to the fact I was sat in the sun with friends with this drink in one hand and a burger in the other.... probably. But none the less it's a treat. Nice and sweet and full of fruity flavour, a great session drink which I would definitely drink again.

Easy 8 out of 10 from me.

Please can we have some more!!!!


First off, I would like to thank UnBarred for the free 2l bottle of Joosy Pale Ale with our order - what a great deal!

Secondly, Joosy Pale Ale is a beer that was made for summer. When you pour it, you notice that beautiful hazy colour and that tropical aroma -PERFECT for a summer bbq.

I found this very easy to drink. The citrus taste, whilst I couldn’t quite put my finger on what fruit I was tasting, (grapefruit was the one that did), was strong and flowed throughout the whole beery experience.

Hopefully, not in the far too distant future, I’ll be able to go back to UnBarred and enjoy this fruity little number at source, then wander around Brighton and enjoy its superb craft scene.

Out of the three beers we bought from UnBarred, I think this is the drink I would have regularly and would advise a mate, who may not have had too many pale ales in the past, to give it a crack and be embraced by the world of pale.

I’m going to give it an 8/10.

Keep up the great work at UnBarred and hopefully see you soon in person!



Overall, 7.75/10.

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