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Blog #68. Siren Craft Brew - Medjuica Session IPA. Will I lose my head over this fruity?

I expect to see some stoney-faced expressions based on the title....

I expected a full-on fruit hit and this had it all - loads of different scents going on: orange, melon, grapefruit, pineapple with piney wood smells and grass as well!

The can design is also up there with the coolest designs and I think Siren have recently added to their repertoire of cool sounding beers, so I'll be hitting them up again soon!

I do think Medusa was quite shallow, she'd always objectify people...

The beer has a sight haze and is well carbonated.

Taste is smooth with mainly pineapple and mango coming through, with a slightly bitter, woody finish. Not the punch in the face of fruit that I was expecting - it is no Laine Brewery Mango-licious, but still lovely flavours. Coming in a 4.8%, it is around the 'session' beer mark, but the flavour range makes it seem like it is more potent than it actually is!

I don't understand why Medusa gets such a bad reputation - everyone who met her had nothing bad to say about her...

The real star of the show however is the pizza from VIP Pizza in Saltdean and Brighton - hands down the best pizza from outside of Italy!




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