Blog #69. 71 Brewing Co. -Left Coast. Best left behind.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I have plenty of beer in my house, probably the most I have ever had because I have started really getting into the craft beer world since lockdown, and clearly I've started a beer website with my buddies. I'm starting to really enjoy a nice cold beer at the end of the day, normally only 1 because I have a 4 month old baby that keeps me on my toes. These beers sit at the top of my fridge looking down on me for weeks, so each beer I've imagined how it will taste many times.

Today's end of the day treat was Left Coast IPA by 71 Brewing and to be perfectly honest with you, it wasn't a treat at all, it was bang average. Weeks I have been eyeing up this can expecting big things, mainly because the branding is cool and I love a jazzy can. But it just didn't really go anywhere for me.

Left Coast by 71 Brewing - 5.4%

It's quite a bitter drink, too much for my sensitive pallette, perhaps because they're from Dundee and they're a little more hardened than us southerners, but it was a bit much for me. It has a strong hoppy smell. It's drinkable but nothing special. It's certainly not sessionable. It's dark in colour and has a good crispness to it, a very faint fruitniness comes through. It's unfiltered. I mention this because perhaps my preference is filtered beers, I say perhaps because I don't know because I'm no expert.

At 5.4%, half way through it does start to kick in. The drink does get better and ends well. But again, nothing special to it. Can't say I'd recommend it, but if offered it I certainly wouldn't say no.



Dan 🍺

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