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Blog #86. Cusqueña - lager. Cus' lager can be nice chu!

Why hello there! Welcome to another review from Ben's tour of Cantebury. This stop takes us to Cafe Des Amis, a fantastic Mexican resteraunt that has reopened Covid safe and served us up some fantastic delights to get us through until dinner.

Fortification opposite Cafe Des Amis.

Going all traditional, I thought I'd try a lager that is from many hundreds of miles south of Meh He Co, from Cuzco, in the foothills of Machu Pichu.

It is a perfectly clear lager, with mega bubble time - super carbonation that you'd expect from a lager.

On the shnoz it is very sweet and crisp and on the buds the sweetness is there, but richer, taking on a sweet honey feel, rather than a one dimensional sugar hit, which is good. A crisp clean finish is also welcome.

A very good lager, and as I have moved away from them, thus does well to impress me: a good 6/10.



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