Blog #39. BRLO C4PO. Survival of the 7% (dual review from Chris).

Chris: It smells really good. It's quite nice actually for 7% and that's my review! It's quite a smooth drink for a 7% beer. If you didn't know how strong it was, you wouldn't say this is quite a strong beer, but the aftertaste is definitely punchy. It is a bit of a hybrid between a hazy and a fruity, I can't put my finger on what it is, I can't give it a genre.

Pine, citrus, and tropical fruits do come through, not too much, but it is there, it is quite subtle. It reminds me of a Solero, but strangely it is quite dry. It is very smooth, not gassy, I'd class it as a solid beer. I could see myself getting quite pissed on these!

When you put your nose into the beer the smell of alcohol is obvious. Once you've had a few sips, you become immune to the smell, as the taste and smell are well-matched, and get acclimatised to the beer, the strength of this beer is what you are then only aware of – the flavours are lost behind the strength.

It is not a deceiving beer, like Hazy Jane. For me, smells lovely, but not for me. It is an honest beer, you know from the smell it is going to knock your socks off. You could have one and be fine - any more than that and I’d be in trouble. If they shaved the percentage down a tad, I think the flavours would be able to shine a bit more.

I would compare it to Elvis Juice, because you are not aware initially of how strong the beer is, but it isn’t as refreshing as Elvis Juice. The flavours in EJ stay with you ‘till the end. Maybe I've got coronavirus and my sense of taste and smell has gone.

I disagree with Dave about the bitterness: it is quite smooth on my palate, finish, the taste of alcohol is there. I gave Elvis Juice 9/10, but the alcohol ‘flavour’ in this beer pushes its way to the front, blocking out the flavours which are there, so, I think a 6/10 is fair.

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