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Blog #97. Howling Hops - Wind and Sea Surf Club.

Ahoy there! Another fantastic review from a (kind of) local brewery.

Howling Hops Hackney are based in.. Hackney, surprise surprise. I haven't had any of their beers before as they are included in the upper echelons of the price band for beers, one that short arms long pockets Ben hasn't had the GUTS to venture into yet. However, whilst on a trip to Lewes and in particular The Pelham Arms (FORMER home of Abyss Brewery - former being the key word here as they only had ONE Abyss beer on tap!) fellow blogger Dan and I stumbled across Symposium Wine Emporium and I picked up one of these rather arty-farty looking cans for between £3-4.

The word 'Azacca' was the selling point for me.

Out of the can it pours a lovely amber colour, pretty clear with a slight chill haze and a large, frothy head. The head quickly disappears leaving a slim, white hat and noticeable lacing down the side of the can, unusual for a lower ABV beer.

On the shnozz it is fresh, crisp and sharp with hits of pineapple. No maltiness here or 'wheaty' sweetness.

Grapefruit is the first flavour that comes through to taste, from the simcoe no doubt, but the Azacca hops that I have never had before, gives the pineapple and orange fruitiness that this beer is all about. It is properly carbonated and is a beer that could be drunk all day, especially at this ABV, as it isn't heavy or overly gassy, and is thin enough that it doesn't take much before the whole can is gone. There is bitterness towards the end of the beer to balance the light fruitiness, slightly more than I prefer, but overall, a very good beer.

I'd have to compare it to other really fruity pales and although the lack of 'real' fruit is apparent, it is still a really great beer.

Good job Howling Hops, you've eased me in to the pricey can world and it tastes GOOD.




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