Blog #96. Mango's into a Bar.

How hard can it be to make it yourself?

Well…. Going by this masterpiece of a pale, perhaps it’s easy brewing your own beer. Because Ben has absolutely nailed it with this one. I joke really. I’ve seen what goes into this process and it doesn’t look easy, looks like you need to be very precise and patient. My patience is better served when I hit traffic, I couldn’t wait weeks for a beer to brew. But Ben has a pretty decent set up with his shed and has a lot of different styles on the go. You wouldn’t think he was new to brewing when you try this one.

Anyway, onto the beer. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried ‘Man Goes into a Bar’ for the first time. It’s light, crisp, with a subtle mango flavour. Ben initially mentioned he hadn’t put enough mango in and he was rating at a 6/10. But little did he know that I much prefer the subtle fruit flavoured pales. (well, he would know if he read any of my blogs). So when he mentioned for the future recipe he would put more in, I was devastated as I knew it wouldn’t taste the same next time round.

This beer is really refreshing, has a great mango aroma and it’s not too bitter. Just the way I like it! This is the perfect session beer that I could keep drinking all night, hence why I immediately purchased the rest off him without hesitation. I even gave one to my neighbour and father in law as they deserved to experience the joy too. I haven’t had feedback from either yet, so I am thinking neither has actually drank it. Which makes me want to take it back, which I may do once I run out. A mission impossible style mission to break into two houses in the dead of night just to take back what was given.

This beer is so nice I look forward to trying what else ben has to offer.



Dan 🍺

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