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Blog #95. Unbarred - Mango Pale. Man goes back for seconds!

Hello and welcome to another review from yours truly, Ben. Today's review is of the AMAZING Unbarred Mango Pale, but let's not rush into things.

The 11th of August notes a special date in my calendar. If I were to miss it, I could kiss goodbye to certain parts of my body - yes, of course, it is my wedding anniversary! Wife and I journeyed into Brighton and went for a fantastic meal at Moshimo (their seating policy needs rejigging, as we weren't able to sit where we wanted to, as they were saving that seat for a couple who were late. Odd) using the government-led 50% or £10 off deal which I did wash down with some Asahi Extra Dry, probably one of the better mass-produced lagers.

Then, we ventured to one of my favourite pubs in Brighton, William the Fourth.

I had been hoping for Mangolicious by Laine, but WT4th are known for changing their beers up on a very regular basis, so I had to 'settle' for Mango Pale.

Even when it was being poured and I was chatting to the barmaid, I could see that this was a thick, hazy, creamy beer, with a good, strong head.

Even the smell was thick: thick with fresh mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. That is the party piece here. No bitterness, no artificial hints - just pure mango.

To taste it is mango from start to finish. It has a good to low level of carbonation, which is good as this beer is THICK - if it was overly carbonated it would be odd, but it was fantastic. The rich tropical flavours burst across your moot and then the beer finishes with a slight bitterness, just to let you know you're drinking a beer, not a fresh fruit juice.

Apologies for the crap photos - I was 4 pints down at this point!

For £6.25 it is quite pricey, but it is well worth the coin. I loved it so much I had another one, rather than try another of WT4th's many crafties.

Because of the whole beer - the smell, the mouthfeel, the taste which is so refreshing and rich (not a session beer at over 6% and very thick - I wouldn't/couldn't chin it!) it gets a very special score in my books.

9/10. What a beer. And to think I was after a different one....

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