Blog #94. 71 Brewing Co. - Fruit Shute Amplitude. My choice for International Beer Day!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here we have Fruit Chute Amplitude, a tropical pale ale. Acquired from Lidl in their limited time promotion of beers to celebrate international beer day. I believe I paid £1.79 for this delightfully labeled 440ml can, which I was quick to discover is an absolute bargain for this fruity number!

The can reads:

"A hazy juicy mashup of tropical goodness with a supersoft mouthfeel aromas of mango passionfruit and pineapple and a very subtle bitterness to finish. Pairs perfectly... With another one."

I can most certainly agree with that finishing statement.

It glows in my fancy beer glass a lovely deep orange, not much of a head to it and some steady carbonation, it looks like a glass of orange juice!

I enjoyed it so much I poured myself another (so glad I got a few) and jumped in the lazy spa with it.

Fresh fruity smells on the intake, the hops are evident too, but not standing out: all the tropical numbers - pineapple and mango to name a couple.

It glides down with ease, the oats used in the brewing process making this beer very smooth and light. Sharp, but subtle levels of carbonation help the flavours swirl around, with all the fruity goodness you'd expect but without it being too sickly or overly sweet and even has a tiny bitter aftertaste to follow up. For the hottest weekend of the year so far, this is the perfect accompaniment to a hot summers day, this is a really good beer!

If these haven't already flown off the shelves in Lidl I will be stocking up on a few more before they're gone for good, at that price it's an absolute steal for a beer of this quality, prices upwards of £3/4 for beers not up to this standard are out there! Get some.



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