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Blog #92. Foundry Brew Pub - Imperial Itzunma Stout. (Tasting session 5/5).

During my brief stay in Canterbury, I visited the Foundry Brew Pub on Stour Street, just behind my hotel. It is a fantastic pub-come-brewery with a huge selection of beer to try (16 or 17 I believe they have on tap - all brewed on site) and in our mid-morning exploration, we wandered into the pub (COVID safe and well organised) and I had a half of their IPA (read this review here). We then started our pre-dinner drinks here as well.

Little did I know, or read properly, that they offer a 'taster tray', five different 3rds of their range for £6.95 (£1.30 for any beer over 6% - fair enough). My eyes filled with excitement. My pregnant wife sighed with pain as she had seen this on the menu previously, but had forgotten to mention it to me. I wonder why. Anyway, I chose five of their range and away we went.

This is the final beer I sampled: Imperial Itzunma Stout.

This is the one that I was really excited for, as it was an award winner, and at 9.6% it was by far the most expensive beer I've ever tried.

The smell is rich with roasted grains and that insane alcohol level can be picked up - the bitterness comes through. Very different to the nitro I tried just before, which was creamy, chocolaty and rich with sweetness.

This is where my lack of experience shows - it was just too strong for me. The alcohol was pretty much all I could work out from the taste, as the dark malt and roasted 'stuff' was muddled together on my palate. Maybe it was because I was half cut at this point, but this was not for me. Soz guys!

Out of the five beers I tried, the Rye and the Nitro stout were my clear favourites and were a bit special, so when I go back, it'll be those I go straight back to! (Hopefully there will be one of them waiting for me at the bar lads and lasses ;) )




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