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Blog #87. Foundry Brew Pub - Foundry IPA. I 'Found' a good'un!

Hello and welcome to another blog from Ben's big day out in Canterbury. This blog is looking at Foundry Brew Pub, which is located just behind our hotel and has a microbrewery within the grounds.

They are operating strict Covid guidelines and procedures, which make you feel very safe and you cannot complain about table service, because there is nothing nicer than staying sat down and having beer appear out of nowhere!

The pub looks like it is based in a historic warehouse, and it is in fact, one of those. The beers are all brewed on site and stored underground in its 18th century cellar, where they condition and are then brought up to be poured into paying patrons throats.

The pub has brewing trinkets and ingredients everywhere, proudly boasting the fact these guys know what they are on about and the fact that they make all of their own produce on site. I just wish I asked for a quick tour! Maybe next time...

I chose to start with this beer as boasts the huge number of hops used (Citra, entennial, Chinnok and Simcoe) and only at the dry hop stage, which is quite interesting.

When the lovely waitress brought it over, it had a creamy head with a dark amber colour. That head was very creamy and I wondered if lactose had been used, but I was too frightened to ask! Lovely anywhoo.

The taste starts weak then jumps to a range of citrus flavours, none individually strong enough to note, but altogether a clear taste. This then bitters to a nice acceptable level that balances the opening creamy head and the citrus flavours.

Overall, a very nice IPA to start proceedings. Good stuff Foundry!




I'll be back....

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