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Blog #85. Dogma Brewery - Raspberry Hefeweizen. Wei is it so berry disappointing.

Hello again to Ben's 'as many reviews in one day' challenge! I write this from the throne room in my hotel, possibly a direct result from this beer, but more likely as a direct result of having Mexican food for lunch.

This can came as part of a mystery Beer52 order and the can and its colours look so inviting and happy - I have been savouring this beer based on it's devilishly good looks.

The can looks wicked - this is something that Dogma do very well. Out of the can the beer pours to a light red colour with a mountain of fuzzy.

I've no idea what a Hefeweizen is, but I know what a raspberry is, and as a result I am expecting some of those little buggers to make an appearance today.

It all goes downhill after you admire the bizarrely bright red colour. It has a dry, yet sickly sweet artificial raspberry smell: closest comparison is cheap cava or cider, but throw some own brand raspberry squash in there. It is overwhelming and doesn't make you excited for what follows.

You guessed it: it tastes of sickly fake raspberries that turn bitter and dry. I don't have this very often, but it's a "I cannot finish this" beer! It's all over the place and is giving me headache trying to think what is going on with it!

Sorry Dogma, not for this poor man's taste buds.

Overall: 1/10.



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