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Blog #83. Goose Midway IPA - flower power.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hello all and welcome to the beginning of many blogs based on the same day! Instead of travelling to the lovely Thailand in Easter, Steph and I booked a night in the equally lovely Canterbury. While Steph is 8 months pregnant, I have no alcohol restrictions, so I shall be drinking until I find a nice doorway to sleep in. Although most of them seem to be taken...

My first beer of the day is Goose Brewery - Midway IPA at a fantastically old pub just outside the heart of the 'Bury. Even though it was priced extortionately @ £6 a pint, I'm on holiday, so let's spend those Benjamins!

This is the first IPA I have had out of the tap since lockdown and the smell doesn't seem to be as strong as those out of a bottle or a can, but it is slightly fruity with an overpowering flowery smell. Not a great start, as typically I know flowery beers are not for me. It is very fizzy and has, as predicted, a pungent flowery taste which rolls towards a bitter finish.

The flowery IPA must be to many peoples taste, but not mine.

For six quid, this was not to my taste.

First pub pulled IPA since lockdown

Not for me. 2/10



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