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Blog #81. Earth Station - Toasted Wheat Table Beer. Perfect beer for a...table?

Good evening boys and girls, Ben again with another fantastically informative and life changing blog. Talking about changing lives, Mr Johnson has changed the rules regarding pubs and shops, with pubs being open again (can't wait - got a knees up with work lot next Tuesday) and shops requiring all those who wish to frequent their grounds to wear a sock cut in half over their gob.

Also this week I reach the end of my time in Year Six at my school as I am relocated to Year Four, a year group I haven't taught in yet, but I'll be working with some great teachers, so very excited!

Tonight I sampled an Earth Station beer - new brewery to me - and their toasted wheat table beer. I don't quite understand the name - is a table beer a beer that the waiter comes over and offers the table as soon as you sit down, like when they say, 'a bottle of water for the table sir?' 'A bottle of beer for the table sir?'

Anywhoo, it pours to a light golden colour with a huge head that disappears quicker than when you tell Alex it's his round.

The smell is crisp and clean. A very different smell to the fruity IPAs, DIPAs or stouts I've been drinking over the last few weeks as it doesn't hide the grain beneath the fruit, but shows it off as the main event.

Toasted wheat is the strong flavour and it is very refreshing. The wheat isn't burnt or overly strong, but enough to realise that it ain't a run of the mill regular pub pint. A great easy drinking beer. Perfect for the table...

It is watery and quite thin, which isn't a bad thing for thr job it's been made to do.

It does it's job very well, but it isn't pushing the boundaries. I'd compare it to a top of the line Fiat Punto. A Punto Abarth - a quick car, but it doesn't look too different from a regular punto, but can be overtaken by a standard 3 series (stout and remixed pales). Sorry for the shite analogy but some little shit just went past the house in a noisy Punto, so I thought I'd make him famous.




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