Blog#8 Hoegaarden Belgian wheat beer. You can't beat a wheat.

Updated: May 21

A bit like Ben, I've spent the last couple of days in the garden fixing up the patio; I chose the lazy approach and just painted it.

Once complete, I decided to treat myself with a beer, which I picked up in my recent shopping trip to tesco,

A lovely Hoegaarden. I'm not the biggest fan of lager, so normally I tend to drink ales, stout and my favourite choice...wheat beer.


It has a hazy lemony colour and a foamy light head.

Can definitely get a hint of orange and coriander., followed by a biscuit malt and banana aroma. It's got some strong flavours of lemon and orange. It is crisp, clean and smoothly finished.

Comparing it to other wheat beers, which I'm partial to, like Blue Moon, Erdinger and the Aldi special 'Franziskaner', this is by far my favourite. It goes down so well on a sunny day and won't leave you bloated, meaning it's a winner for the sesh. This creamy light tasty beer will always be way up their for me!

I give this a solid 9/10.

I'm yet to find another beer I like this much!


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