Blog #79. BAD Co, Off Tempo Milkshake IPA.....apparently.

Here’s a lesson in contradiction.

if you can think of a flavour, rancid or orgasmic, there’s probably a beer that has added it to their flavour profile. For every honeycomb IPA or chocolate orange stout, there is a dandelion porter or marmite pilsner. The masterclass in flavoured beer being, in my opinion, Tiny Rebels ”Pump Up the Jam”. The dung heep is graced with “black cab stout”, which I assume is flavoured with, and possibly brewed in, a black cab.

This Milkshake IPA has quite honestly meddled with the resident angel and devil on my shoulders. I am conflicted. Possibly the most conflicted I’ve been since QI and Love Island started to share the same broadcast time.

This is an IPA of good quality. It’s nice. I drank it quite happily. When I started drinking it I had to confirm that the can that I just threw in the recycling was the right one. Had I experienced a stroke? Had my tastebuds migrated to my small intestine...again? Nope, maybe I expected too much.

I don’t know what I expected. One of the ingredients, which I assume allows it to become a “Milkshake IPA” is Lactose AKA dairy sugar AKA milky sweet boi.

I liked it. I would drink it again. But it’s not a “Milkshake” in the same way blended udders are not a “Milkshake”.




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