Blog #77. Salt, Alpaca DDH IPA.

Plucked a beer out fridge to enjoy with the football. I didn't enjoy the beer and I didn't enjoy the football. Liverpool lost 4 v 0 to City and really looked like they haven't stopped partying since the premier league win a few days ago. Understandably if you ask me! But what was worse than the defeat was the beer.

Salt, Alpaca DDH IPA - 6.6%

My first experience of a DDH IPA. Double dry hopped. Whatever that means?

Research inserted here:

1. It simply means using twice as many hops as you would normally use for the same beer which you have brewed before. For example – ‘Beer A’ and then ‘DDH Beer A’.

2. Some feel the term has more to do with the number of dry hop additions and potentially the timing of those additions. However, one could also argue that it’s just a normal dry hopping process for many breweries and the beers should not receive any special designation such as DDH.

3. Then there are those who feel DDH is purely a marketing tactic used to draw attention to a beer and make it seem new and interesting. At the first sip I thought this beer reminded me of K cider, which many of you will know isn't a pleasant experience. But when you're a student an 8% can for less than £1 is more than fair. But as the beer goes on it starts to really taste like prosecco. And I HATE prosecco. It’s awful. So perhaps I shouldn't be the one to review the DDH because I'm new to it, but it made the beer way too bitter and it wasn't enjoyable. Why would you want a beer to taste like prosecco or crap cider? This is my first experience of Salt, and I won't be judging them just yet because it's most likely the style of drink that's not for me. I'm open to their other range and no doubt will come across it soon.

'Tropical'..... They talking out there arse with that claim, was nothing tropical about this drink. Such an unpleasant experience from start to finish. At 6.6% it delivers on the booze front and you certainly know you’ve had a drink. The can is cool, has a jazzy honeycomb pattern and I love the logo, very trendy. So again, I am optimistic that a lighter drink from their range will be good.

Salt Claim to expect strong tropical hop aromas on the nose. – didn’t get that at all. They claim the initial flavours of guava and melon are followed by the appearance of honey from the malt – again, I missed this all together. They say it’s crisp and punchy, the tropical fruits are well balanced with a dry, bitter finish – It’s certainly crisp, but no tropical fruits, is very uneven (not balanced) but does have that bitter finish. Just like K Cider!

It isn’t the worst beer in the world and I can’t rate it too low because I am a novice when it comes to double dry hopping, but all I can tell you is I didn’t like it and I won’t drink it again. It’s yucky!




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