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Blog #76. Oakham Ales - Citra. What's the saying: "Don't judge a beer by its label"?

Let's start by stating - this label looks like a supermarket home brand beer. Good, that's out of the way.

When it is poured it is impossibly clear - just a hint of yellow - and looks paler than a cheap french stubby.

On the honker you could normally get away with putting citrus tones, but this is off the chart lemon and lime smell, as you'd expect from beer thats unique selling point is that is made out of 100% citra.

Citra, citra, citra. It must have been used at every stage of the brewing, as there is the lemon smell, which is like BANG in yo' face; sour lemony taste at the back of your tongue to start, and then a sharp bitterness at the end. Definitely a session beer, as it is a one stop journey - straight to CitrusTown without blowing your head off with C2H5OH. Choo Choo! In your moot it is smooth and a bit watery.

The first ever all citra beer in the UK. A bold claim.

Negatives for me - I am not one for huge bitterness. If there is a sweet malty start, then an equal and opposite bitter finish - that's great, but this is sharp zesty lemon and lime then sharp bitterness, whereas a lot less bitterness would be more up my street. Would it then be really classed as an IPA? Probably not, and that is where my limited Amstel-wrecked taste buds can be blamed.

Another small negative is that after a few mouthfuls you do become desensitised to the massive citra explosion that you are first greeted with, maybe because my sinuses are now full of lemons, but it seems to lose its potent selling point.




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