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Blog #75. London Brewing Co. - Hazey Daze.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I apologise in advance - I try to review and write up on the same day, but this beer has been sitting in my Draft folder for well over a week and has been looking longingly at me every time I log in to check the site.

Dave has had one o' these before and has given it a fairly good rating, so I was happy to give it the responsibility of being my 'going for a walk and would love a beer when I get halfway' beer.

Something that gives the drinker reason to go 'Hmm', is the over-sized ring pull, which when you pull ends up giving you a gaping hole at the top of the can (I did check to make sure that the metal isn't sharp inside as I am bound to cut my tongue on it otherwise).

As there is now just a big hole in the top of my can, it is easier to give it a nasal inspection, which reveals hop-driven fruits, rather than fruits that have been added as an adjunct. More skill is shown from the brewer using this method I believe, but you can't beat a beer with half a pound of real mango in when walking, in the boiling heat, around the B-E-A-U-tiful East Coast. Citra and Mosaic hops lead the way with a slight woody undertone as well.

Normally when drinking from a can appearance of the beer isn't something that can be observed, apart from if it tastes like arse and you pour it out from a height into a gutter, but because I have a big hole in the top of my can, I can see that it takes a pale wheat colour.

After walking along with my wife a few steps ahead of me (because I had my nose fully in this can, so dog walkers thought I may have sniffed one too many Pritt Sticks in my life) I gave it a glug and the strong fruit flavour is the most apparent flavour coming through - pineapple and oranges. Then the bittering hops thought they'd aught to turn up to balance everything out and they do that quite well.

The mouthfeel is slightly oily, as it coats your mouth with the smooth fruitiness but the rich warm pineapple taste gives way to the equal and opposite bitterness and piney notes.

A very nice beer!




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