Blog #72. Verdant - Intimately Spaced Pylons. So smooth!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Need to start this review with a thank you! To my beautiful wife who bought me this as a surprise. I'm very grateful because it was so nice. She got it for me along with the Arctic Sky which I rated very highly. She bought it because she liked the look of the can. And I can't argue with that logic because the can is super cool, plus the name is great too, Intimately Spaced Pylons.

Intimately Spaced Pylons by Verdant - 6%

This is one of the smoothest IPAs I’ve ever had, it was a beautiful drink from start to finish. It pours to a thick golden colour with a good head. It’s not too fragrant, not too bitter and not too hoppy. It has a real smoothness to it, with a very slight bitterness on the after taste. A tropical fruitiness, but it is quite sweet. I had to whip out a pack of mini cheddars to balance the sweetness. But that only added to the joy of the drink.

Blogger Ben wouldn't have enjoyed this game.

I fell in love with this drink early on. Could be because I was sat outside with the football, after little man had fallen asleep. But I felt a sense of normality for once and the whole experience was very enjoyable. At 6% you start to feel this drink kick in early on, but the sweetness does start to overpower a little, so I’m thinking you’d only drink a couple of these. But at that percentage, you’d be well on your way.

It was delicious and I would definitely recommend. I posted it on the UKCBF (facebook craft beer forum) to see what others thought of it and mostly people had good things to say about it, seems to be a crowd pleaser this one. So definitely add one to the basket if you can!




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