Blog #71. Fourpure Brewing Company - Hemisphere Session IPA. STRRRIIIIKE!!!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Welcome back beer fans I hope you're all healthy, I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the premier league football starting again this week, unfortunately i will have to see liverpool lift the title this year(man utd fan) and won’t be able to wind their fans up about never winning the premiership.

Today's beer is Fourpure brewing companies very own Hemisphere session IPA 4.2% all volume, I picked it up in Tesco as part of a 3 for £5 deal. Firstly I would like to mention the can art, like all Fourpure’s can art Hemisphere’s is the main reason why I bought this beer it just spoke to me from the fridge (BUY ME) so top marks for can design guys.

Fourpure say: Forest, foothills, hike or fly. Peaceful days on sunny trails, crazy nights under city lights. Dig for treasure under the moon, search the horizon by hot air balloon. Hemisphere offers vibrant tropical flavours, a gentle bitterness and a clean, hoppy finish.

Once poured Hemisphere has a nice golden colour to it and has a tropical aroma, the taste is a nice tropical taste but only for a short period then you're hit with the bitterness which is quite strong but not enough to ruin it.

Just like the premier league football in England the NBL baseball league has had to reschedule, The start to their season has been put back and a lot of sports fans are probably a bit short on things to keep them occupied, I’ve always enjoyed a beer whilst watching sport so with no sport I’ve been reviewing beer for you good people.

Hemisphere is the second beer I’ve tried from Fourpure brewery, juicebox was the first beer i tried and to be honest i wasn’t impressed so I had high hopes for Hemisphere to put in a good performance.

It was far better than Juice Box but compared to other session IPAs in its class.

Just like in baseball that's two strikes Fourpure one more strike and “your outta here”

I'll give it a 6\10 it wasn’t the worst beer but its low in its class.



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