Blog #70 Tiny Rebel - Pump Up The Jam. Doughnut miss this one!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Back so soon you say? Yes, and with another Tiny Rebel creation, I say creation rather than beer for good reason.

I've only recently been exposed to the delights Tiny Rebel have to offer and their wacky concoctions after recently purchasing a "care package" from Bier Nuts, which was great, the guys at Bier Nuts have a fantastic deal and excellent delivery time with top notch customer service, highly recommend checking out some of their deals.

After now having tried 6 of their range (7 if you include the collab with Polly's Brew Co. from my last review) Each and every one has either been good or great, not a sub par beer in sight. I got a bit excited and blurted out "That's a 10/10" when trying one of the core beers, the fantastic "clwb tropica", but I think its best to wait till I've calmed down before making a blog about that beauty.

Today we're looking at "Pump Up The Jam" by far the most bizarre and unique beer I've ever had the pleasure of tucking into, and it's like nothing I've ever had before. I did film myself drinking this beer for the first time and may release it upon the world soon, I shall quote myself a few times along the way.

A "jam doughnut pale ale" (so weird) at 5% ABV on the can it reads "Stop drooling, just drink it" as you wish! It pours to a deep reddy/brown colour, small amounts of carbonation with a short head on top. On the nose its hard to say there's anything else other than insanely sweet jammy smells, sugary, strawberry, raspberry, biscuity, Its like you've stuck your head in a fresh bag of doughnuts.

I eagerly took my first sip and my first reaction was "wow!" I even said it twice. It's hard to say much about this beer because It is literally bang on jam doughnut, its like someone has shoved one in a liquidizer with a very subtle pale ale and served it up, it really is incredibly accurate, they've hit the nail on the head and achieved what they've set out to do, hats off.

It's incredibly sweet, sticky almost and maybe even slightly sickly, after no more than 2 of these I would have had my fill, just like a real jam doughnut. This is not a beer to rifle back, It's one to enjoy one sip at a time and appreciate what's been accomplished here, it does exactly what it says on the tin, Jam doughnut 100% with no familiar beer tastes I could notice, no bitterness, nothing. To make sure I left this beer on a high note I stopped after taking my time to enjoy just the 1, I can see the novelty wearing off fairly soon if I were to have too many.

This is a tough one to give a score for, for sheer brilliance in creating something as outlandish and spot on for taste it has to do fairly well on that quality alone, but it's important to factor in drinkability and how it fares as a beer in it's own right rather than just a taste experience, so I'll give this one,


You have to try it at least once, it really is one of a kind.



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