Blog #67 Tiny Rebel x Polly's Brew Co. Pineapple Express IPA - All aboard!

I'm back after a minor delay from reviewing, and I'm on a one way trip to pineapple paradise with another collaboration beer.

Tiny Rebel have partnered up with their Welsh Brothers (or sisters) Polly's Brew Co. to create something absolutley superb and right on track with my tastes!

Purchased from Tesco for £3 for a 440ml can (which is about right) and weighing in at a hefty 6.2%ABV, I was unusually sensible and only got myself a couple: my suspicions were this would be a deceivingly drinkable IPA, even at that strength. I was not wrong.

The moment the can was cracked open the pineapple smell steamed through and overpowered any other smells that might of been hiding in 1st class. When poured into a glass, it was hazy yellow/orange with a finger of white head. It looked like a glass of squash, even drinking it at dusk it was glowing.

It tastes fantastic. Every time I drink a beer like this I think I've found the best one yet, so I'll try not to get too excited, but it really is beautiful, obviously the front portion of this taste express service is, well, pineapple! Absolute shed loads of it! Just in behind you've got hints of grapefruit, mango and all the tropical goodness you'd expect, in the back cab you'll find a little kick of bitterness just as the sliding doors close, but its only little one.

Alcohol content? I forgot there was any. This beer will arrive and depart before you know it, so you better make sure your ticket is valid! It's dangerously sessionable, and remarkably refreshing, with such ease of access in the Tesco range I highly recommend my fellow fruity IPA lovers to get on board with this one, I can see this beer being a regular traveler in my fridge during peak summer time.

9/10 and well deserved too.

Bon Voyage!


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