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Blog #66. Erdinger Weißbier. Wheat's all the fuss about?

Ben and Dave took it upon themselves to see why it is that Ryan has a slightly unhealthy obsession with wheat beers. Dave has had them before, Ben always gave them a wide berth, as it is the 'wheaties' that are always in stock in Sainburys et al and never seem to be bought by anyone (expect Ryan, who is single-handedly keeping them all in business).

Picture taken from Ben's back garden in the mountains...

Ben: it is very fizzy. I don't know it if it is the label, but it reminds me of the beers you typically have when you go to eastern Europe - I'm pretty sure I've chinned many of these in Prague and Budapest!

It isn't hop driven, it's an easy drinking, straight down the line beer with no twist or late surprises. It is a little bit sweet and it smells really crisp and clean.

It is very carbonated - your mouth is taken over by the bubbles.

It tastes quite watery - it compares to a Budweiser for me - a little bit sweet at the end. It is like a base beer - like a pizza base - ready for something else to be put in it - I suppose that is why it is often served with a slice of orange. It is nice - no bitter finish, but very plain. A good refreshing summer beer, but bland.

5/10 for me.

Dave: A lot of bubbles going on. I Doesn't seem any different from a typical German beer.

The sweet malt is apparent from smelling the bottle, but I can't smell the glass because there is so much head! A little bit stronger than a standard lager.

It'd be better with a slice of orange - because it is a bang average beer! You know a beer isn't amazing when you have to add other things to it!

There is definitely too much carbonation and there nothing worse than sitting, waiting for the head to go down while the beer warms up! Krombacher's ugly sister for me this beer. Better than Schneider Weisse, which tastes like medicine. I'd lump this in with Budweiser as well.

Just a bang average beer.

6/10 for me.

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