Blog #65. Ellensberg Session IPA, Harbour Brewing - A taste of something special

It’s a privilege to write a guest entry for the Big Beer Blog, but I soon realised the pleasure was all mine when I cracked open this very special session IPA for the first time.

Ellensberg Session IPA, Harbour Brewing - 4.3%

If, like me, your idea of a perfect ale is chilled, flavoursome and closer to 4% ABV than 10%, then this really is one you need to try. 

Harbour Ellensberg is a real challenger to some of the more established names - up there with the likes of Beavertown Brewery’s hugely successful Neck Oil and Goose Midway, two of the finest session IPAs on the market.

At first glance, Ellensberg is darker in colour than you might expect, but its taste holds good flavour without being too rich.

It is cold and crisp - offering the perfect post-work experience - and its freshness almost tingles your tongue.

Its smoothness means the drink glides down your throat and leaves you wanting more.

And, to top it off, the brewery’s stylish modern branding means Ellensberg takes pride of place in a well-stocked fridge.

This is a session IPA with an understated reputation - one to look out for, and certainly one to try.


Jack Stansfield

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