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Blog #64. Magic Rock Brewery - High Wire Grapefruit. Have I fallen for another Grapefruit beer?

Ahoy me hearties! Another day, another beer. No witty story or anecdote today, just a big bowl of Thai prawn curry, 1917 in Dolby Atmos (oh yes) and a can of grapefruit flavoured beer. Elvis Juice is one of me faves, so it's going to have to work hard to reach the same accolade!

The can has a Kandinsky-esque style design, which I dig. Matches the idea of the taste that should be within. Pop it open and there is the overwhelming smell of grapefruit, but strangely with almost a metallic tinge to it, and nothing else can get through.

There is a sweet first taste, which bangs into a nice level of bitterness. It is zesty and sharp, but not particularly well rounded, as the overwhelming bitterness of the grapefruit needs something to balance it out, possibly lactose creaminess or hint of malty sweetness (but that's just my love of all things sweet).

Wow it is well carbonated! It feels dry on the tongue and quite a 'raw', or unrefined beer. If this is version '1' of the beer, I would be happy to give 2,3,4 and 5 a go!

In its favour, it goes well with a lovely Asian prawn curry, but I would class it as a less authentic version of BrewDog's Elvis Juice. There is something about the grapefruit that makes me think it hasn't been brewed using real grapefruit (I'm not saying it hasn't, but something ain't right...).




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