Blog #63. Arctic Sky - Harbour Brewing. The perfect beer!

One of the toughest challenges of my life has been to put into words how I feel about Arctic Sky. I have spent more time thinking about how to articulate how I feel about this beer, than I did thinking about my wedding speech when I got married. (I made that up on the spot, and I nailed it) – In my opinion.

Arctic Sky, Harbour Brewing - 5%

I tried this beer a couple weeks ago and chose not to review it immediately, I wanted to take my time and have another, to be sure! I proceeded to spend a lot of time on the Harbour Brewing website, before my lovely wife finally bought me some as a surprise. (Probably to shut me up) You should have seen the little smile on my face. £20 for a pack of 12 x 330ml cans. Well worth it for a beer of this magnitude. Their site has actually sold out of them at the time of writing this review and aren’t due to have any more for a couple weeks. I know this because I emailed them, they are brewing more, they just sold out because it’s so popular.

Still wish I had more.

This is the first beer I have tried from Harbour, I will definitely be trying some of the others. I will get their variety pack in the future, when my stocks run a little low. Because if the others are half as nice as Arctic Sky then we’ll be onto a winner. Based down in Cornwall, it must be something about the fresh sea air getting into this beer which make it so glorious. The bold design is great to look at, kept simple but works well. Definitely has a cool trendy vibe.

This bright IPA pours to a lovely slightly hazy golden colour with a good head, it has a very crisp finish and a gorgeous subtle fruitiness. The joy of this beer is how composed it is, it’s not overpowering, it’s not loud, it’s smooth and those hops really come through, with a subtle bitterness. This beer is the ultimate thirst quenching session drink, as you could go all night on these puppies just loving life. Just look at the joy this beer brings…..

Good luck finding these online anywhere, this is the holy grail of IPA. You’ll need to pay a premium to get these from a 3rd party site and trust me when I say this, it’s well worth it and you won’t be disappointed.

I am rating this beer as a 10 out of 10. It couldn’t get any better in my opinion. This is the perfect beer!


Dan 🍻

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