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Blog #62. Black Sheep Brewery - Golden Sheep Ale. A good start to a virtual stag do!

Today marks a special occasion: today, we host a virtual stag do for my friend Matt. Matt's housemate and colleague Steve and I put our heads together and decided that it was important to give Matt a stag-do he couldn't remember. The beer I chose to whet my whistle was Golden Sheep Ale.

Bottle design is nice, but feels a bit, supermarket own-brand. Picked up in a 4 for £6 in More Reasons.

Poured out of the bottle the beer was amber and clear, with no haze at all.

I was surprised by the smell of this nectar, as it doesn't mention anywhere on the bottle the sweetness that came rushing up my over-sized nostrils. The smell out of the bottle reminded me of UnBarred Honeycomb Milkshake, which was a nice treat. Giving the glass a snifter that maltyness is joined by a fresh citrus zing. There are no distinguishable hop smells, but as it warms out of the glass the malt smell takes on a biscuity aroma.

There is little, to no bitterness across the board, just nice sweetness from start to middle. It is well balanced, edging towards over-sweet, and then the flavour range drops off for the final taste, as where fruit or hops would possibly have taken over.

Well balanced, enough sweetness and crispness and carbonation you could have a good night on these!

In fact, it was a good beer to get the night started, which went well into the early hours and resulted in the stag falling asleep/falling unconscious on his patio. Job done I reckon!


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