Blog #61. Blue Moon Belgian White. We wheat again!

I've been trying get hold of some Blue Moon since the beginning of lockdown, but every time I'm in the supermarket I come face to face with the dreaded, " sorry, temporarily out of stock" label covering the usual label. This has just made me want it more and finally, around 10 weeks later, I found some in Tesco and grabbed the 4 bottles for £6 offer, as soon as I saw it.

Usually, this Belgian style wheat ale is accompanied by a slice of orange in or on your glass, but who thinks about fruit when buying beer?

It pours a light golden hazy colour, with a creamy white head. Aromas of citrus orange, coriander and slight pepper notes.

It has a nice smooth, creamy texture, with tastes of sweet orange citrus, malt, coriander and banana, paired with some sour notes and spicy pepper. There is definitely a lot of flavour coming through on this one and it's a nice balance of sweet and sour, that finishes slightly bitter.

It is a great beer, which is starting to pop up in more and more pubs and I could drink it all night.

5.4% ABV.

I'm giving this one 8/10.


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