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Blog #6. Drygate Brewing Co - Disco Forklift Truck. Will Ben agree with Chris's high praise?

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Hi, Ben again. I love that by 'doing my part for the blog' I MUST drink beer a lot.

A lovely Sunday, but for some reason I was up at 5am, sunlight streaming through my 'blackout'blind and curtains. Clearly not doing their job.

So, as per my life this week, I picked up my trowel, mixed up some muck and FINALLY stuck the patio slabs in place! (Donated kindly by blogger Dan). Thank god for that as my back was in pieces.

But then, I felt a second wind (not that kind of wind, well that kind of wind as well).

Project numero dos: brick bbq.

One wall made so far, out of three.

I feel so grown up making things that will hopefully be permanent (we'll see how long it stays up).

Cement knees.

Anyway, Disco forklift Truck. As soon as you crack it, you smell exotic fruit.

Beer and Star Wars. Winning combo.

When you stick your nose in it, the mango is a bit sickly but then you have a sip and all of that sweet fruit hits you, with a very slight hoppy undertone.

Here I disagree with Chris, I couldn't have a skinful of these, I'd be sick, or get diabetes. I'll have this one, and thoroughly enjoy it.

A 6/10 for me.

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