Blog #59 Baltic porter by BRLO. THE DARK-SIDE OF THE FRIDGE

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Good morning beer fans. Today is an unusual grey day in lockdown and the view within my fridge isn’t much better. To be honest, it is looking a bit bare and as I move the contents, the final 6, or as I call them the undesirables, appear.

The undesirables is a bit unfair, but they are just drinks that have had bad reviews or just ones I wasn’t sure on and they were relegated to the dark side of the fridge, where the light doesn’t reach and they are hopefully forgotten.

So, the beer I’m going to review today is...BRLO Baltic porter, with 7% ale volume and it's the last of a very bad box of beers from my Beer52 delivery.

BRLO say it is a cross between an English porter and a Russian imperial stout, this unfiltered Baltic porter boasts subtle chocolate and coffee flavours. Legend has it that Catherine the Great loved this style of beer so much, she had it brewed in her court.

The beer pours smooth into my glass, where I can smell caramel notes with some coffee. The colour is dark brown - almost black. As I drink it I can taste some chocolate flavours in there too.

The more I have, the more I notice this is a well-refined beer, reminding me of a mix between a beer and an expensive filter coffee: a surprising delight, because I was thinking of trading it for a beer more to my usual liking.

I'm glad I did take the expedition to dark side of the fridge, as I have found a beer I really like, as this is a cross between an English porter and a Russian imperial stout. I know this beer will tick a lot of boxes for many beer fans.

This truly shows that there is always some light in the darkest of places: you just have to persevere and you will be rewarded.

I'll give this a 7/10. Thanks for a beautiful beer BRLO!



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