Blog #58. The Five Points Brewing Co. - Five Points Pale

This beer started off so poorly I immediately regretted my decision to pluck it out the fridge, it was so bad I regretted even having a beer. But that was only the first sip, after that it really got nice. Confusing, that the first sip was so unpleasant. Maybe it’s a grower and not a shower!

Five Points Pale, The Five Points Brewing Co - 4.4%

Five Points Pale is the first beer ever brewed by the Five Points Brewing Co up in Hackney, London. And it’s a solid beer, no complaints (other than the first sip). There is nothing special to it, but equally nothing bad. It’s one you could easily binge on. Made with Amarillo and Citra hops, this beer pours to a hazy, dark gold colour - Looking good in my new beer glass! Has a nice zestiness to it, this beer.

A beer like this is hard to go into detail on because as mentioned, nothing special. It’s just a good beer. Solid branding, quite basic. But I like that, it’s kept simple so you can focus on the drink. All of the Five Points Range is like this, has a good uniformity to it, just a change in the colour each time.

Don’t shy away from this beer, but don’t expect too much. I’d say they are equivalent to West Ham, mid table team at best.

6 out of 10.


Dan 🍺

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