Blog #55. Two Tribes - Dream Factory .

Gently caressing your tongue all the way to flavour town. This stunningly canned dream is far from a nightmare. A super strong aroma of passionfruit, which follows with a gorgeous subtle fruitiness, the mango also creeps in. Made with mosaic hops, this beer almost has a watered down taste to it which works well. As it’s not overpowering, it encourages you to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Dream Factory by Two Tribes - 4.4%

The stunning design has a quirky retro look, it’s been eyeing me up in the fridge for a couple weeks now. Dream Factory did not disappoint, I most certainly would recommend it. At 4.4% it has all you need, it’s light, refreshing and gets the job done. A beer you can easily just keep on drinking, a perfect summer choice.

8 out 10.


Dan 🍺

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