Blog #53. Magic Rock - Saucery. King of the Session.

Based out in Huddersfield we have Magic Rock's Saucery and one of their core beers, a session IPA weighing in at 3.9%. Acquired from Tesco, for a mid-range price: £1.80 for a 330ml can. This one is also gluten-free and registered by the vegan society, so ticks all the boxes for all your dietary and ethical needs!

It pours out to a yellow/orange hazy colour with a short fading head, and it smells fantastic. Aromas of pineapple and grapefruit for me seem to be leading the way with a good hop punch to it, think if Elvis Juice and Dead Pony club had a baby as far as the smell goes... Dead Pony Juice?

This beer is SUPER drinkable, the taste isn't as fruity as it smells, but it's an absolute delight of a beer, this is certainly one you could knock back again and again. With its alcohol content on the lower end of the scale, it's perfect for afternoon of drinking, without the worry of getting into trouble!

Unlike a lot of session IPA's at similar strength out there, this beer has a lot going on, it doesn't just chug along. It is bursting with flavours of citrus fruits, with a subtle bitter taste that grabs you on the way in and still hangs on on the way down and leaves you thirsty for another sip - just what you want out of a session ale.

I highly recommend this one, it's extremely memorable for a session beer and I could see myself easily sinking 3 or 4 pints of this on the start of a night out in the early evening, before moving on to something a bit stronger and if I ever find myself in Huddersfield, I will be looking for it on tap!

By far the best session IPA I've had in a long time, if ever! As far as they go this one sits right at the top for me and my tastes.

But as a beer in its own right in the big wide world, it's an 8/10 from me.



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