Blog #54. BrewDog Hazy Jane. Guest Review

I’ve been asked by Ben to do a beer review. One that he was kind enough to say ‘taste like shit, you do a review on it'. I’m not sure why I got picked for this task: I assume it's my superior taste buds or he knows I’ll drink anything.

So being the whimsical, charming, fruity, full bodied, citrus-y man I am and making up the word count with fancy words before I start, let's go into this beer. It is Hazy Jane, brewed by Brewdog.

Tag line 'embrace the opaque'.

This can is out of a multi-pack, so have no idea if the can is different to normal. (I’m such a buff at these things). The can is a pleasantly-plain green, with the classic BrewDog text.

Pouring the beer you get a nice foam and a faint smell of hops as you’d expect from an IPA. A pale cloudy yellow fills the glass as you’d hope from something called hazy.

This beer doesn’t have much taste upon first sip, It kind of sits on there with a hint of hop and citrus, its almost like a weak squash with the amount of flavour, but it is complex - almost swirling with flavour.

I’d recommend this as an good introductory beer for people who don’t like IPA’s. It isn’t too hoppy and goes down easy and at 5% it's a solid investment for your blood alcohol content.


Alex Tattam.

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