Blog #52. BrewDog Cosmic Crush Raspberry Sour. Guest review.

This guest review comes from Richard Perfield, a school friend of Ben. Richard is a competitive weightlifter, who is as wide as he is tall!

ABV - 4.5%

£2.50 from Morrisons

A fantastic refreshing sour, perfect coupled with a socially distanced BBQ! If you find sour beer too much, this isn’t necessarily a ‘gateway’ sour beer. However, if you enjoy sour beer, this will be right up your street, through a huge mouth-puckering sourness with raspberry and mixed berry flavours. 

Buying one bottle is not enough - you will find yourself wishing you bought at-least three. 

The price point of £2.50 for a 330ml bottle is probably too pricey for me to buy on a consistent basis. A treat now-and-then is more suitable.

A real treat and I rate this beer very highly, although I know not to everyone's tastes.


Richard Perfield.

Click here for Richard's Insta account.

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