Blog #51. Mango-licious by Laine Brew Co. BRING BACK THE PUBS!

Welcome back beer fans! Today has been a very busy day - a very good day, nonetheless.

I woke up a little bit later than usual and I heard a knock at the door… who’s was it you ask?

A very nice delivery man, with my 24-can mixed-case from the Laine Brew Co (result!).

My beer stock was starting to get pretty low, thank the Beer Gods that my Laine Brew Co. care package came in the nick of time: I almost had to have the Lidls Plunged Orange I’ve been avoiding for a few weeks now.

Out of the beer case I had the choice of Word, Source, Ripper or Mango-licious, so as it is the only one I’ve never had before, the review of the day will be Mango-licious (4.7%), a beer I usually wouldn’t go for, if I saw it in the pub.

Laine Brew Co claim it's a frivolous, funky & fruity beer, brewed with a blend of the juiciest American Hops & a huge dollop of Mango puree (with a splash of passion fruit for good measure). It's the perfect beer to enjoy in the early summer sun.

So I opened up the can, poured it out to be greeted with a nice amber colour, that doesn’t look too fruity, but has that mango and passionfruit aroma.

I couldn’t help but think about the North Laine pub in Brighton and then it suddenly came to me, that I hadn’t been in a pub for 3 months (bloody unheard of) and that I really miss going to pubs, like the North Laine, and everything about the experience.

Right, back to the beer. For someone who usually wouldn’t go for this type of beer, I am loving it: fresh, fruity and a very smooth drink and like they say, it is the perfect beer to enjoy in the early summer sun. To be honest, I got that feeling the rest of the cans are not going to last long!

Considering that when I go to the North Laine Pub, I have my go to to of Source and Ripper, Mango-licious has changed my North Laine pubbing experience forever..

Let's hope our wait to get back to the pubs and Brightons craft scene are short, because I really miss it…


I'll give this a 9/10.

What a lovely beer and the team at Laine Brew Co should the a bow. A top, top beer.



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