Blog #48. UnBarred & Bison Beer Honeycomb Milkshake.

The four musketeers embarked on an adventure that involved three beers, two breweries and one heavy sesh. What we could agree on, was that none of us could agree on a favourite. Reviewed here: the UnBarred & Bison Beer colab: Honeycomb Milkshake.


This is the beer I was most excited about out of the three, as it had sold out for a while and seemed quite hard to get hold of and I wanted to know why.

It is quite fizzy, with a rich sweet honey smell which is right up my street.

The taste is super sweet, and it gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. It is definitely for those of us with a sweet tooth, as that is the main flavour coming through here, as the taste matches the smell.

The rich honeycomb taste is layered - lots of different flavours of sweetness are coming through. The honey in the beer is strong and smooth, not an artificial taste but tastes like real lashings of the stuff.

There is no bitterness, simply a super smooth pale that gets super sweet (which suits me to a tee) and the finish gets close to a darker caramel taste.



This collaboration between UnBarred and Bison Beer is delightful, they should team up more often! 

This is one of the sweetest beers I've had the pleasure to enjoy, my sweet tooth was jumping for joy as I lavished every sip, the smell is great, honey and vanilla are the main components of its aroma and the taste is even better.

Medium bodied and pours to a gorgeous looking cloudy amber colour that Iooks as good as it tastes.

Being a milkshake style ale the lactose really smoothens the beer, it was like I was drinking a cloud made of honey and this contributed to it consumed in a very short amount of time. For me there wasn't really any bitterness in this ale, which receives no complaints from myself I enjoy a sweet finish just as well. 

I really enjoyed this one, its not for the session drinkers but neither does it claim to be. I think a couple of these honeys in the sunshine would be just right. If you prefer more of a bitter finish and don't have a raging sweet tooth like I have, don't let that put you off. The sweet flavours are all there to enjoy but they aren't sickly, they don't sting you like a bee, they float majestically, like a butterfly.



I’m always a fan of collaborations and to have one between local breweries really excites me and, like Ben, I’ve been looking forward to trying this beer the most out of the three we picked up from UnBarred.

Honeycomb milkshake: the name alone just grabs my attention and once poured it looks like sweet amber nectar, plus it smells as sweet as it looks. Not a strong smell, but just right.

Once I tasted it, the sweet honey hits me along with a hint on caramel a bit later on. My tastebuds seem to go on a journey; only a few other beers have done to me to this extent.

I really like this I think UnBarred and Bison are on to a winner here, as the more I have, the more I’m trying to guess what the other flavour is, but can’t quite put my finger on it, whatever it is I love it!

I’m a big fan but is this drink and I think it is for everyone - I’m not sure I couldn’t drink it all night, but this is the kind of drink I would have when I want a little treat. Three or four probably would be my max.

Overall, this is one I will look out for in the future, when I’m in town and I’ll be getting some cans for the beer stock at home.

I'll give it an 8/10, only because I couldn’t drink loads of it, but it is millimetres away from getting a 9.




Honeycomb milkshake, HONEYCOMB MILKSHAKE!

I mean how do you even prepare for a drink like that? I don't think I have ever been so excited to try a new drink before than this one. But I think I set my expectations too high and ultimately was left a little underwhelmed by the end of it.

At first, It could have been a new favourite, but as the drink went on, the sweetness became a little too much. I'm not saying I didn't like, I'm just saying it got a bit too sweet for me.

But its a fun one, and like the Bueno, I think you'd stick at one.

This drink does do what it says on the tin, it gives off that rich honeycomb flavour, with a slight maltyness. Definitely a treat for the tongue.

7 out of 10 from me.


Our combined score is: 7.5/10

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