Blog #47. Kaleidoscope by Wiper and true. Back in the country

Welcome back beer fans, we're back in England for this beer and we're going to Bristol for the review. I'll be giving my take on Kaleidoscope by Wiper and True.

I will be officially back at work in a couple of weeks, so I intend to get myself sorted for the re-integration into a more social distant society and first on my list is to get my hair sorted.

I'm starting to resemble Crazy Joe, the homeless guy who hangs out the back of the NCP carpark in Brighton.

So I’ve invested in some new hair clippers, that will hopefully be here at the end of the week and look a little more presentable to the outside world.

I would like to comment on how smart the can artwork looks, a nice satin-white backdrop with a golden top and logo with black font (top marks).

Once opened, you get hit by the aroma of some big summer fruits and the beer is a pale yellow colour once poured.

After a few sips, I have to say, it's a well-rounded pale ale, with big summer fruits - a light beer - but still has a rustic sharpness to it, with a hint of mandarin.

I really like this beer and would like to try their range of other beers, because this is a good all rounder for me and I could drink this all night.

Lets just hope my hair clippers come in time or I might have go back to the early 90s style, when my mum used to cut my hair.

I'll give it a solid 7/10.



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