Blog#45. Erdinger Weißbier. Bavarian Beauty

Updated: Jun 22

Another one of my favourite wheat beers.

This Bavarian beauty pours to a light hazy golden colour, with a huge, creamy frothy top.

After pouring this generous 500ml bottle and waiting impatiently for the head to slowly reduce in size, I dipped my nose in and got notes of wheat/malt, banana and some citrus.

After a giant mouthful, the creamy smooth texture glides down your throat, leaving you wanting more.

Taste: light malt, fruity tones including banana and of course - the wheat.

I could happily drink this all day: it is smooth, light and won't leave you bloated.

At 5.3% alc volume and coming in the 500ml bottle for £1.85, it is a winner.

8/10 from me; it is close to Hoegaarden, but in my opinion, not quite as good.


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