Blog #43 Fyne Ales - Workbench. Work hard, drink... Soft?

Taken from Fyne Ales themselves:

"Workbench is for those who deserve a hop-forward, super-satisfying beer after a hard day's work; delivering the perfect balance of fruity new-world hop flavours and a thirst-quenching finish."

See what I did there?

I have to kind of agree there, it's not leagues above similar beers I've tried but it is decent. Really crisp clean flavours and a lovely refreshing smooth finish. The aroma of various fruits, mainly orange and lemon I could get from the smell weren't as powerful in the taste, and perhaps a little on the watery side. But for a what claims to be a thirst-quenching beer it most certainly achieves that and leaves one wanting a couple more to follow up.

Get used to this backdrop!

This hydrating India pale ale pours to a clear golden colour, with a decent head on it and for a mid range strength ale, at 5.5%, it's tastes seem more subtle, it's definitely very sessionable.

I enjoyed mine with a spicy evening meal after taking a photo of it on top of my workbench (sad right?) and it didn't leave me feeling bloated or weighted down, it was easy drinking and accompanied the dish well.

A good light beer to enjoy with food.


A solid all rounder.

Starting to get a few too many of these, yet to be wowed.


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