Blog #40. BRLO C4PO. Survival of the 7% (dual review from Dave).

Dave: This is definitely a beer to knock your socks off. 7%! I do prefer a stronger beer. It is a little bit hazy, It has got a bit of a cloudy look to it as well; a nice golden orangey colour. Yeah, I like that.

It tastes similar to one I've had from a delivery, called Levitate, By The Horns Brewing Co. It didn't have the same alcohol percentage, but it tastes very similar.

I'm quite fond of the Citra hop used in this, but I like quite a lot of different tastes, but I tend to lean towards the hazy beers I think and I like this: nice and strong which is what I like, as I prefer a stronger beer, so perfect for me.

The smell is exactly the same at the taste - not like some of the other beers we've reviewed, where the taste is completely different from the smell.

The first thing I get is the citrus which hits me, and then it has a bit of a bitter aftertaste, again I know that isn't for everyone, but it is something that I like. I know you (Ben and Chris) prefer the more fruity numbers. Saying that, there is definitely a lot of fruit in this one. The overall taste I would say it is a strong IPA, not like one that you think this is really strong - more like a 5%. With the dryness that is where the pine taste surfaces.

It is a beer for the hardier drinkers. If you’re used to drinking fosters or carling, you’ll be in trouble with this one, it isn’t for you!

I’d compare it to Drygate's Crossing The Rubicon, which was my first review. A similar percentage, 6.9% to 7%. Similar taste, but this has less bitterness on the finish than the Drygate. The Drygate made me feel quite drunk after one can, and this one is heading down the same path. I gave the Drygate a 7/10, and this gets the same rating. Very similar beers for me. I need a fruity, lighter beer now!

Dave trying to keep the bubbles in his beer...



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