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Blog #4. BrewDog Pale Ale. So Fresh and So Clean.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Ahh lockdown. Nothing like a worldwide pandemic to make people take up new hobbies. I do wonder how many people have actually learnt Spanish or sign-language, or how many people, like me, have put back on all the weight lost in Jan and Feb that Christmas imposed on me. Hopefully, I am not in the minority group.

Again, today being Friday (I think) I had more schoolwork to do, letters to write (sorry for the lateness Cawte!) and then more concrete to mix up!

Excuse the enormous shadow of me - I don't think it was ever going to win awards - literally concrete drying...

Anyway, physical stuff done, time for beer.

Hats off to La Maison Catering - pulled pork burger went well with this beer!

The pale ale tastes very fresh and light, with a nice hoppy smell (far better than that Vocation beer I had last night!). Not too strong, a bit watery, but overall a nice beer that could be drunk all night. In fact, I might*.

A solid 7/10. Good job.

*Update - I did in fact drink these all night and they did their job very well. My hangover is linked to the pink gin I was drinking at 1am on Teams with friends.

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