Blog #36. Brewgooders' Cleanwater. Not so fresh and not so clean.

Updated: May 28, 2020

This beer evoked the sad realisation that maybe I'm just not man enough?

This beer had me question my own masculinity. Not what I expected.... I just fancied a beer! I didn't realise I would go on a journey of self discovery.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you'd try a sip of someone's beer and you just didn't like it! Well, this beer took me there.

According to the can, it is a lemon-zest forward forward Lager, with floral, herbal and lemongrass notes. Unfortunately, I noted none of those. It is loosely reminiscent of Special Brew, very loosely, which all of you seasoned drinkers will know is not a compliment. So all I experienced was Special Brews naughty nephew dancing around my mouth. A sharp, crisp lager with just a confusing finish to each mouthful. Almost feels like someone has slipped some cheap rum into the can.

Brewgooders Clean Water Lager - 4.5%

It is a VERY gassy beer. Perhaps it's my uneducated palette, but it's just not for me. I'm open to more of these on another occasion, in the hopes it will toughen me up.

There is something else about Brewgooder Clean Water Lager: a funny aftertaste, flavours which I just can't put my finger (or tongue) on. I think this beer tastes similar to how a beer can get, when left sat on the side going warm, only this was fresh out the fridge.

I will point out however, that they claim that they use their profits to fight water poverty. Which is a great cause. I think they'd be more successful if they made a nicer drink however.

I am close to a 3, but rounding up because of the great work they do to fight against water poverty.

4 out of 10.


-Dan 🍺

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