Blog#34. Innis & Gunn - Tropic like it's hop. Passionfruit Pale Ale.

Another hot day, another bbq.

This time I took a mini portable one to the beach for some different scenery.

After a few hours down the beach, eating overcooked meats and sinking a few cans, we walked home and I cracked open this one in the garden.

Now, I normally like the Innis & Gunn products and if you've been to Scotland and you like beer, you've probably had the lager they sell pretty much everywhere ( followed by many single malt whiskies after).

The beer:

Slight tropical and citrus smells.

It seemed to be very fizzy for an ale and the taste was pretty bland.

It was more like a basic pale ale: a bit of crisp citrus, with a hoppy, bitter finish.

Maybe I destroyed my taste buds with burnt burgers, but I didn't get much passionfruit and tropic flavours like the can describes.

A very basic drink compared to the other range of beers that I've tried from Innis & Gunn, unfortunately, this has to be the least exciting.

Drinkable, but not much flavour. Middle of the road beer, so it's getting the basic score of 5/10.


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