Blog #33. BrewDog Punk IPA - The Big Guns.

Updated: May 27, 2020

My 5th review and my third on a BrewDog beer. I have recently recieved a fairly large order from them, so I feel I can be forgiven for sticking to the same brand for the majority so far, and it's a big one.

Punk IPA is Brewdog's flagship and by far most popular and mass produced beer. It's everywhere: it's in the supermarkets, it's on tap at your local wetherspoons and its usually the first beer you think of when talking about BrewDog - but is it even that good?

Yes, yes it is.

This is by no means the first time I've enjoyed a Punk IPA and it won't be the last, however it is the first time I've drank one and had to think and talk about it, other than just say "corr, that's nice that is!"

After a late shift at work and coming home to a tired fiancé, we exchanged a few words about our day and she retreated to bed, so I decided to settle down with a couple of cans of Punk IPA, whilst my late dinner cooked in the oven.

To give a proper review I felt a full pint was needed, and with a fairly long wait for dinner, I have plenty of time to sit and enjoy one.

This beer gets better after every mouthful.

Hop flavours lead the way with tropical fruits just behind and a punchy bitter finish, I can see why this beer is so popular even now, it is very well 'organised'.

For me, it was one of the first beers that caught my interest in craft a few years ago, when lager was the only beer I'd touch. I can't help but use it as my control sample, and what I use to compare others with.

"Is it better than Punk, or not as good..."

No rest for the wicked

I wanted to make sure I wrote this as I was drinking, as Punk IPA has a special place in my heart, it was "my first time".

But as we all know, just like riding the bus the first time, it's amazing but eventually the novelty wears off.

Don't get me wrong, it's still cracking beer, but after a few years of exploring what "proper beer" has to offer, Punk IPA has fallen to the wayside - I suppose it is "mainstream" now.

I've tried a lot of new beers since then, and this one is still up there and I've definitely had a lot worse, but I have also had a handful better, some even in Brewdog's own range (you may have seen how highly I rated Elvis Juice in our group review.)

I love BrewDog, I'm even a partner now, owning one whole share, which I acquired during their "equity for punks" drive.

Brewdog as a company seem to operate their business in a very ethical way and they have recently gone above and beyond, (especially during current times, using their breweries to make hand sanitiser for the NHS) and they will continue to have a customer in myself.

If you, like me, only drank lager, try this one as it's really a great benchmark, and you never know, it might send you down a similar path.

I may have waffled on a bit, but I am passionate about this one.

To summarize, this a titan in the craft beer scene and not to be taken lightly. I could drink this all evening, and I have many times. This beer has loads of character and flavour, it is fruity and has a nice bitter aftertaste; it is not too fizzy, but just enough carbonation to ignite the taste buds.

Get some now (it is on offer in Tesco currently you'll see on our deals page) if you don't like it maybe stick to lager. If you surpise yourself, like I did, well there's a whole new world out there!



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